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I.C.E Faces Allegations of Forced Sterilization

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

On Monday, A 27-page complaint was filed by Project South and Government Accountability Project. It claimed that immigrant women were referred to one unnamed doctor outside a Georgia immigration facility for additional medical care. While at this doctor, they were receiving a “high rate of hysterectomies.” The nurse whistleblower, who exposed the practice, testified in the complaint that several immigrant women told her they underwent surgery without fully understanding why. Although ICE denies the allegations, the DHS internal watchdog has launched an investigation. The complaint also alleges that officials failed to establish adequate COVID-19 restrictions which resulted in unnecessary suffering for the detainees. This includes failure to inform at-risk detainees of COVID positive patients near them as well as failure to provide them adequate PPE. Since the start of the pandemic, inmates have been warning of dangerous and inhumane conditions in the camps which have all fell on deaf ears. Protests and strikes by inmates lead to further crackdowns by ICE which cut running water to inmates who protested.

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