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Herischi Human Rights Law Center Secures Legal Victory Against the Islamic Republic of Iran for Torture of Journalist Isa Saharkhiz

The Herischi Human Rights Law Center is proud to announce a monumental legal victory against the Islamic Republic of Iran for the brutal torture of esteemed journalist Isa Saharkhiz. This triumph underscores the courage and perseverance of Isa Saharkhiz and his son, Mehdi Saharkhiz, in their relentless quest for justice.

In a decisive ruling, Judge Ana C. Reyes acknowledged the regime's systematic use of torture, bolstered by comprehensive reports from the United Nations, various human rights organizations, and expert testimony from Dr. Ali Arab. The case (1:19-cv-02938-ACR-RMM), led by our dedicated attorney Ali Herischi, serves as a critical reminder of the necessity to hold oppressive regimes accountable for their actions.

"This victory not only brings a measure of justice to Mr. Saharkhiz but also sets a vital precedent for human rights advocacy globally," said Ali Herischi, lead attorney on the case. "It exemplifies the power of legal action in defending human rights and the importance of supporting those unjustly persecuted."

Isa Saharkhiz is renowned for his fearless journalism in Iran, where he has persistently highlighted governmental corruption and called for democratic reforms. His work has often put him at odds with the Iranian authorities, leading to his imprisonment and subjection to severe torture. His steadfast resolve and commitment to his principles, despite facing grave personal risks, have made him a symbol of resistance and a beacon of hope for many advocating for freedom of expression.

The Herischi Human Rights Law Center took on Mr. Saharkhiz’s case to seek justice for the egregious human rights violations he endured. The legal battle was arduous, requiring the collection of extensive evidence and expert testimonies to substantiate the claims of torture and inhumane treatment. The court's recognition of these facts marks a significant step in the fight against impunity for human rights violators.

This ruling is particularly significant as it highlights the role of international and domestic courts in addressing human rights abuses, even those perpetrated by sovereign states. It reinforces the principle that no government is above the law and that victims of state-sponsored violence have

avenues to seek justice. In addition, the ruling is a decisive blow against the Iranian Government since it awarded Mehdi Saharkhiz five million dollars in damages.

The success of this case was made possible through the unwavering dedication of our legal team and the invaluable contributions of volunteers and human rights advocates who provided support throughout the process. Their collective efforts underscore the importance of collaboration in human rights work and the impact that determined legal advocacy can have.


Ali Herischi

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