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Herischi & Associates Files Lawsuit Against The Iranian Government For The Targeting Of Flight PS752

Herischi & Associates LLC, on behalf of the families of several victims who died when Ukrainian Flight 752 was shot down by Iranian air defenses, has filed a suit in D.C. District Court against the Iranian government and IRGC. Several families of victims who are U.S. citizens have filed the following complaints to shine a light on hidden details of the accident and prevent any attempts by the Iranian government to cover up or suppress the truth and rights of the victims' families: the murder of their close family by the surface-to-air missiles of the IRGC, the neglect of the safety of passengers during wartime conditions, the cover-up regarding key evidence, and the destruction of evidence at the crash site. Our clients hope this case will be an effective step to prosecute and hold accountable the perpetrators and enablers of this crime. Tragically, the victims' families have only the smallest faith that this crime will be effectively investigated by its perpetrators, the Government of Iran and IRGC, and have zero faith in the Iranian justice system. This complaint is one of the many international legal attempts against Iran and IRGC.

Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 was shot down shortly after takeoff from Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. At first, the Iranian regime denied responsibility for the crash; however, following video evidence of two Iranian Tor-M1 surface-to-air missiles used to shoot down the aircraft surfacing, they were forced to admit their role in the crash. Even after the regime came out and admitted their role in the crime and tragedy, they only brushed off responsibility and called it a "mistake". This 'mistake' as the regime calls it lead to the death of 176 innocent men, women, and children. Almost a year has passed since the crash, but justice has yet to be served. No action, not even a resignation, has been given for the plane crash and murder of innocents.

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