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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.” 

― Martin Luther King Jr.


The Herischi Human Rights Law Center is dedicated to the advancement of international justice by human rights litigation. We are pursuing justice for victims of governments torture, extra-judicial killing, hostage taking and other forms. We are determinate to help our clients to reach success in U.S. court and international jurisdiction when available.

At Herischi Human Rights Law Center, we are a specialized international team devoted to pursuing justice for victims of human rights abuses whenever legal tools are available. We are proudly one of the few firms in the world, with high-profiled cases, who explicitly works on pursuing justice through human rights litigation. Our experiences of pursuing justice from different angels by using legal tools created the Herischi Human Rights Law Center. Our multi-national lawyers have combined experience of practicing in U.S., Europe, the Middle East and within the international law field. Our team speaks English, Farsi, Kurdish, Turkish, Swedish, and French.


Our client’s interest and their goal to gain justice is our first and main mission. Our macro commitment is to impact the advancement of human rights litigation, echo the voices of victims of human rights abuses, and engage with international bodies. We use legal tools to reach international mechanisms when possible and to contribute to the development of actions as well as long-lasting systematic change to international human rights law and U.S. laws.

We were successful to obtain judgement for Mehrangiz Kar against Iran for torturing of her husband, Mr. Siamak Pourzand for more than $34,000,000.

How we work


Our lawyers are committed to evaluate potential possibility to a lawsuit for victims of human rights abuses or their family members who reach out to our office. Our firm is available for free consultation and prioritize to guide you in case eligibility for human rights litigation in U.S. court or other available legal tools arises. 


Once your case is assigned to our team, we immediately start the research phase, collecting evidence and material needed to proceed with a lawsuit. Throughout all stages of the litigation process, we continue to communicate with our clients to explain necessary steps in order to move forward.


For majority of cases in the United States, the victim of the human rights abuse or his/her immediate family member has be a U.S. national at the time of the act. This area of law is very complicated and we like to know your story to find the best solution for you. 


Not sure if you can file a lawsuit in court?  


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